Friday, 31 May 2013

Riding in the Google Car That Drives Itself

The self-driving car that Google revealed to the world last October made an appearance at TED on Thursday, with Sebastian Thrun, one of the developers of the project, speaking to the audience and then taking attendees for a test drive.
I got the opportunity to ride along as the car whipped around a test track set up outside the conference. Riding at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, the vehicle maneuvered its way between dozens of test cones that had been set up, making a combination of hard stops, tight turns and quick accelerations.
Not a single cone was hit, and I can verify that the driver did not touch the wheel until the very end to drop myself and two other passengers off (this was planned).
The car itself traveled from San Francisco to Long Beach, California, for the conference as part of Google’s ongoing tests. While Thrun tells me he thinks we’ll see self-driving cars in the hands of consumers within our lifetimes, he notes that at this time, “It’s really just a science project … pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s clearly not something that’s going to make us money any time soon.”
Limitations of the vehicle currently include dealing with weather, as well as capturing the imagery and data necessary to allow the car to do things such as stop at red lights and observe speed limits (most of this work has been limited to the Bay Area for now).
Nonetheless, one can’t help be impressed by what Google has accomplished thus far, with its test drive clearly set up to show off just how far along the technology is (if not to make this blogger slightly nauseous after lunch).
Check our videos from inside and outside the car below:

Inside Google's Self-Driving Car

Google's Self-Driving Car on the Test Track

source : mashable

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Your PayPal Accounts May Not Be Safe!! Beware!!

PayPal has generally been regarded as one of the safest platforms to conduct monetary transactions but it seems even PayPal has some issues that could put you in grave danger. According to reports, a 17-year old German schoolboy managed to post information related to payment processing bug that has been found on Full disclosure list.

Robert Kugler, the kid felt the need to inform PayPal about this serious bug as a part of the company's Bug Bounty Program, however, Kugler could not make the report as the program is applicable to participants of 18 or over. Then Kugler decided to release the information to the public.

PayPal servers have failed to check strings that have been entered on the German version. This has made it possible to enter JavaScript in the field, which is sent to the browser by the server. This code is then executed by the browser and enabled attackers to exploit such cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities like stealing confidential data.

Apparently, there is no way that the user will be able to know that a code has been injected by an attacker, as the PayPal URL displayed is the correct one. The simple attack described by Kugler does not work with WebKit-based browsers like Safari and Chrome. However, others like Opera, Firefox and Internet Explorer users are quite vulnerable to the mishap.

Source :

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Reality of Robot : In Pictures :: Part 2

Continued Form Previous Post

Robots are changing our lives in so many ways and they have been for years. Humanoid robots can receive our guests, record shows, play games and music and even cook our food.
Speaking robot Robovox who can read mobile phone text messages aloud in a synthetic voice is seen in Ljubljana.

A humanoid robot, jointly developed by University of Tokyo and Japan's public research organization Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, lifts up a basket filled with coral sand weighing around 30 kg (66 pounds) during a demonstration in Tokyo.

A Japanese-made robot receptionist named Ms. Saya greets students in Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in the southern city of Be'er Sheva.

Visitors sit on a rickshaw pulled by a self-made robot invented by farmer Wu Yulu at the Ditan Temple Fair held in Beijing.

Spectators watch as robots play soccer on a miniature field during the Robocup tournament in Singapore.

A museum guide imitates Nau, a humanoid robot, as it performs Tai Chi exercises at the Robotic World exhibition at Madatech, the Israel National Museum of Science, in the northern city of Haifa.

The Care-O-Bot III robot carries a bottle of drink through a kitchen in the Frauenhofer institute in Stuttgart.

A visitor waves in front of the sensor that triggers the joints of a dummy that is part of "PWM1", an art creation by Taiwan artist Huang Zan-lun.

Japanese electronics parts maker Murata Electronics' "Murata Seiko-chan" displays its unicycle riding skill at its demonstration at CEATEC JAPAN.

Models dance with the humanoid robot "NAO" during a news conference in Bangkok.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Reality of Robot : In Pictures :: Part 1

Robots are changing our lives in so many ways and they have been for years. Humanoid robots can receive our guests, record shows, play games and music and even cook our food.

Robot No.1 and No.2 are displayed at a restaurant called Robot Kitchen in Hong Kong.
The Wall-Ye prototype, a robot designed to prune vines, is seen in the Pouilly Fuisse vineyard during a media presentation near Macon.

A man takes a picture of a giant "Kuratas" robot at an exhibition in Tokyo.

Dominik Brumm of the Artificial Lab of the University of Zuerich looks at the humanoid robot ROBOY during a media presentation in Zurich.

A humanoid robot attempts to kick the ball (R) during a soccer tournament in Tokyo.

A man looks at the HRP-4C Miim humanoid robot at the venue of the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group in Tokyo.
Robots, made by students from Wuhan Institute of Technology University, dance for the visitors at the 13th China International Machinery and Electronic Products Expo in Wuhan, Hubei province.

Robots are displayed at the three-day Innorobo 2012 fair as companies and research centres present their latest technologies in robotics in Lyon.

Honda Motor Co's Asimo humanoid robot opens the top of a bottle to pour the drink into a cup during a news conference at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show in Tokyo.

Sega Toy's interactive robotic toy "Wappy Dog" are displayed at the International Toy Show in Tokyo.

To Be Continued ...
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Monday, 27 May 2013

Now Enroll Summer Training on Embedded System & Robotics in Ludhiana and Chandigarh

Summer Training 2013
+Embedded System & Robotics

Now in Ludhiana, Chandigarh and other 21 Centers across India

Now You can enroll i3indya Technologies' Summer Training Program on Embedded System & Robotics in Ludhiana and Chandigarh, 

Course Highlights:
Course : Embedded Systems & Robotics
Certification : Participation Certificate by i3indya™ Technologies
Study Material : Books & CD Free to each participant
Project : 27 Projects Covered in 30 Days

  1. 39 Practicals, 23 Minor Projects & 4 Major Projects will be covered within 30 days of training.
  2. Our syllabus is professionally designed to cover Basic as well as Advance aspects of Embedded Systems & Robotic.

Fees / Duration:
For Embedded Systems & Robotics (Basic Module Only)
- Fees: INR 7900/- per candidate
- Duration: 15 Days/45 hrs
For Embedded Systems & Robotics (Basic + Advance Module)
  • Fees: INR 10,900/- per candidate
  • Duration : 30 Days/90 hrs

To know more :

Watch the Course Content Video :

Ludhiana Center Address : 
i3indya Technologies,
177/189, 2nd Floor,
Toor Market, Backside Petrol Pump,
Dugri, Ludhiana - 141001, Punjab

Chandigarh Center Address 
Latest Arena Animation Pvt. Ltd. 
SCO 110-111, 3rd Floor,
Sector-34/A, Chandigarh - 160034,  
PH: 0172 - 5067666 / +91 - 9417371445 (M)

To Know More Call Us at
+91 95 6060 5666

Friday, 24 May 2013

Learn Automation from the Champions.. RoboChamps!!

Robotics is a field that covers almost all the spheres of technology, whether it is Mechanical, Electronics, Computer Programming, Designing Techniques or any other technical skills based on respective applications. . As this field is leading to introduce a creative era of innovation around us, the basic motto of our team is to initiate the spark of robotics to a higher extent. These projects focus on the application and use of technology rather than their internal working so that a person can grasp the concepts well.

If you want to start your career in this field then join 4/6 months training program in Embedded System and Robotics. The course structure has all the latest technology projects that a student should know to cop up with the competition outside

Watch this Video .. You will get an idea what exactly you will learn in this Training Program.

To know more about the course Click Here
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+91 95 6060 5666

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Career Opportunities in Ethical Hacking

Thinking of making Career in Ethical Hacking as a:

Ethical Hacker / Cyber Security Analyst / Cyber Forensics Analyst / Cyber Crime Investigator / System Security Engineer / Network Security & Forensic Analyst / Computer And Mobile Forensic Investigator ???

Cyber security professionals protect data and systems in networks that are connected to the internet. Cyber criminals or hackers strike in various ways by virus attacks, which may erase your entire system or someone can steal confidential information from your systems or even break into your systems and modify your files without your knowledge.

A computer hacker finds out the loopholes in a system and breaks into it, the information security professional, or an ethical hacker has a similar job. He needs to think like a hacker and find the loopholes in the system before a hacker can get to them.

An Information Security Professional may have to work on one of the following job profiles.

Job Profile
The job of a cyber security professional include the following.

Ethical Hacking into a company’s network to find out what security loopholes need to be fixed
Creating security policy for an organisation
24×7 remote management of security products like firewall
Security auditing, that is, compiling a report on a company’s security system to see if it matches standards
Cyber Forensics, that is, clinical investigation of computer crimes/frauds

Demand Estimates
It is estimated by NASSCOM that the demand for Cyber security Professionals would be around 90,000 by 2010 in India, whereas world-wide this figure is estimated to touch about 2,00,000, but the industry estimates much higher demand in the local as well as overseas market. With such demands, it is estimated that there would be a shortfall of 35,000 to 45,000 Cyber security Professionals in India alone.

Career Path
Entry Level - IS Executive Manager (Role: to correlate broad security guidelines of the organisation with security operations.)
Middle Level - IS Manager (Role: Security program management, data security, policy creation/maintenance, business continuity/ disaster recovery)
Senior & Top Level - Chief IS Manager (Role: Design and development of information security policy. Regulatory compliance, information security governance)
Senior & Top Level - Security Advisers / Auditors (Role: Advisory services for information security, policy design, risk assessment, compliance to global/industry standards)
Senior & Top Level - Chief Information Officer (Role: Justifying the cost of ongoing and future investments to mitigate information risks, aligning business objectives with a concise security strategy)

Graduate in any discipline, but software engineers would have preference. A good knowledge of networks and understanding of hackers mind is essential. It is recommended that one does a course in Cyber Security. Such courses would help a person learn the tricks of the trade, it does not help joining a course for a few days, but it is recommended that one joins reputed certificate programs and long term programs. Certifications like (iCCSA) i3indya Certified Cyber Security Analyst, (iCCFA) i3indya Certified Cyber Forensics Analyst, (iCCCI) i3indya Certified Cyber Crime Investigator, (iCSSE) i3indya Certified System Security Engineer, (iCNSFA) i3indya Certified Network Security & Forensic Analyst,
(iCCMFI) i3indya Certified Computer And Mobile Forensic Investigator would help a person to start a career in Cyber security.

Expected Salary
A person with an years experience can expect Rs.3 Lakh per annum. Those with 5 years can get up-to 8-10 Lakhs.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Certification Details of i3indya Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Course

Upon the completion of training program, one may get certification in the following by giving an exam:

-   (iCCSA) i3indya Certified Cyber Security Analyst
-   (iCCFA) i3indya Certified Cyber Forensics Analyst
-   (iCCCI) i3indya Certified Cyber Crime Investigator
-   (iCSSE) i3indya Certified System Security Engineer
-   (iCNSFA) i3indya Certified Network Security & Forensic Analyst
-   (iCCMFI) i3indya Certified Computer And Mobile Forensic Investigator

Course Highlights : Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security
Course : Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security
Certification : Participation Certificate from i3indya™ Technologies
Study Material : Book & DVD Set Free to each participant
Project : 12 Live Cyber Cases, 10 Case Studies, 3 Hacking Projects will be covered

Fees Duration
- For Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (Advance Module 1)
- Fees : INR 10,200/- per candidate
- Duration: 30 Days / 90 Hrs

- For Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (Advance Module 1 + Advance Module 2)
- Fees: INR 14,200/- per candidate
- Duration: 40 Days / 120 hrs

Why Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security @ i3indya Technologies?- 12 Live Cyber Cases, 10 Case Studies, 3 Hacking Projects will be covered
- Latest and Updated Topics are covered
- New Topics like Hacking & Securing Linux, Android, Mac, Web Servers are taught
- We concentrate not only on Hacking but also on Security of all Topics
- Forensics on almost all platforms and devices are taught
- Hands on training with live demonstrations
- Well experienced Trainers
- Tied up with several Government Organizations for Training and Consultancy
- Trained more than 30000 professionals from all over India
- Providing training to CBI, NIA and State Police across India
- We limit our tool usage from third-party and we provide manual approach for each Technique
- We also design our own tools

For More
Contact : +91 - 956060 5666
Mail :

Monday, 20 May 2013

Join Cyber Security Analyst Course by Mr OoPpSs Group in i3indya Technologies

Course Highlights

Course : Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security
Certification : Participation Certificate from i3indya™ Technologies
Study Material : Book & DVD Set Free to each participant
Project : 12 Live Cyber Cases, 10 Case Studies, 3 Hacking Projects will be covered

Fees Duration
- For Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (Advance Module 1)
- Fees : INR 10,200/- per candidate
- Duration: 30 Days / 90 Hrs

- For Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (Advance Module 1 + Advance Module 2)
- Fees: INR 14,200/- per candidate
- Duration: 40 Days / 120 hrs

Why Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security @ i3indya Technologies?

- 12 Live Cyber Cases, 10 Case Studies, 3 Hacking Projects will be covered
- Latest and Updated Topics are covered
- New Topics like Hacking & Securing Linux, Android, Mac, Web Servers are taught
- We concentrate not only on Hacking but also on Security of all Topics
- Forensics on almost all platforms and devices are taught
- Hands on training with live demonstrations
- Well experienced Trainers
- Tied up with several Government Organizations for Training and Consultancy
- Trained more than 30000 professionals from all over India
- Providing training to CBI, NIA and State Police across India
- We limit our tool usage from third-party and we provide manual approach for each Technique
- We also design our own tools

For More Information
Contact : +91 - 956060 5666
Mail :

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Tips For Online Security : Mr OoPpSs

Remember the top tips For Online Security . . . . 
Stay Smart Online encourages all to remember these ten simple tips to improve their online security:

1. Install and update your security software and set it to scan regularly

2. Turn on automatic updates on all your software, particularly your operating system and applications

3. Use strong passwords and different passwords for different uses

4. Stop and think before you click on links and attachments

5. Take care when buying online - research the supplier and use a safe payment method

6. Only download "apps" from reputable publishers and read all permission requests

7. Regularly check your privacy settings on social networking sites

8. Stop and think before you post any photos or financial information online

9. Talk with your child about staying safe online, including on their smart phone or mobile device

10. Report or talk to someone if you feel uncomfortable or threatened online - download the Government's Cybersafety Help Button

Source: Cyber Awareness

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Career Opportunities as CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker

According to the Government of India, a demand for 4.7 lakh Cyber Security Professionals is estimated by 2015. (Source: Times of India)

With the increased sophistication of cyber attacks and rise of corporate & government espionage, the demand for Cyber Security experts is increasing across the world. Ethical Hacking has become the need of the hour for not only corporate organizations, but also for government departments. Various organizations including banks, hotels, airlines, telecom companies, ITES companies, outsourcing units, retail chains, Internet companies, E-Commerce ventures, police departments, government agency and others are hiring full time Cyber Security experts to improve the security of their network infrastructure.

The best part about working in the Cyber Security Industry is your exciting job profile which will require you to test, audit, manage and improve the security of networks, servers and applications. Moreover, the constantly changing dynamic nature of the Security Industry also means that you will have the opportunity to constantly learn new things and hone your skills.

So if you are interested in CEH then you can Join 4/6 months Training in Certified Ethical Hacker from renown Ethical Hacker Analyst Mr OoPpSs in 5 Cities Across India (Delhi, Bangalore, Lucknow, Chennai and Hyderabad)

For More Details about Course Content Click Here
or You can Call at 09560605666

Monday, 13 May 2013

10 Interesting Things To Do With Linux

For those who think that Linux is just a geek stuff for computation and modification, here’s an eye opener. We bring to you 10 super interesting linux projects that can bring some funk to your Linux PC. 

So below is what you can do to make your Linux an interesting machine: 

1. Create your own rocket with OpenRocket 

2. Create and edit your own movies using these Linux softwares: 
Toon Loop: 

3. Inventorise your collection in a database. To do this first run a database server with MySQL then connect it to Calligra to get a visual overview of this databases.

4. Have a look at the stars with Celestia, an astronomy and space simulation software.

5. Create PDFs directly from libreoffice.

6. Create your own cloud server from Own Cloud.

7. Try you hands on DJing or remix your music with Mixxx.

8. Create a robot using Linux and an embedded board. 

9. Organize, edit and share your photographs on the social networking sites with any of these softwares:

10. Create 3D models and renderings for movies, games or anything with Blender.

Source : EFY

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Common Internet Scam/Frauds : Tips from Mr.OoPpSs

Common Internet Scam/Frauds
The term Internet Scam or Internet Fraud refers to any type of fraud scheme that uses one or more
mr ooppss
online services to conduct fraudulent activities. Internet fraud can take place on computer programs such as chat rooms, e-mail, message boards, or Web sites. In this post I will discuss about some of the commonly conducted scams and frauds across the Internet.

1. Phishing Scam
This is one of the most commonly used scam to steal bank logins and other types of passwords on the Internet. Phishing is the criminally fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail or instant messaging. Example: You may receive an email which claims to have come from your bank/financial institution/online service provider that asks you to click a link and update your account information. When you click such a link it will take you to a fake page which exactly resembles the original ones. Here you’ll be asked to enter your personal details such as username and password. Once you enter your personal details they will be stolen away. Such an email is more than likely the type of Internet scam known as "phishing”. Phishing is said to be highly effective and has proved to have more success rate since most of the common people fail to identify the scam.Most legitimate companies never request any kind of personal/sensitive information via email. So it is highly recommended that you DO NOT respond to such fraudulent emails.

2. Nigerian Scams
This type of scam involves sending emails (spam) to people in bulk seeking their help to access large amount of money that is held up in a foreign bank account. This email claims that in return for the help you’ll be rewarded a percentage of the fund that involves in the transaction. Never respond to these emails since it’s none other than a scam.

In case if you respond to these emails you will be asked to deposit a small amount of money (say 1-2% of the whole fund) as an insurance or as an advance payment for the initialization of deal. However once you deposit the amount to the scammer’s account you’ll not get any further response from them and you lose your money. In fact "The large amount of money” never exists and the whole story is a trap for innocent people who are likely to become victims. The scammers use a variety of stories to explain why they need your help to access the funds. The following are some of the examples of them.
1. They may claim that political climate or legal issues preclude them from accessing funds in a foreign bank account.

2. They may claim that the person is a minor and hence needs your help to access the funds.

3. They may claim that your last name is the same as that of the deceased person who owned the account and suggest that you act as the Next of Kin of this person in order to gain access to the funds.

3. Lottery Scams
This type of scam is similar to the one discussed above. In this type you may receive an email saying that you have won a large sum of money in online lottery scheme (ex. UK Lottery) even though you have not participated in any such schemes.The message claims that your email ID was selected randomly from a large pool of IDs. When you respond to such emails they initially ask for your complete name and address so that they can mail the cheque across to you. After getting those details they may also send you an image of the cheque drawn in your name and address so as to confirm the deal. But in order to mail this cheque they demand a small amount of money as insurance/shipping charge/tax in return. However if you send the amount in hope to receive the cheque all you get is nothing. You’re just trapped in a wonderful scam scheme. That’s it.

4. Other General Scams and Frauds
The following are some of the other types of scams that you should be aware of.
In general, be aware of unsolicited emails that:

1. Promise you money, jobs or prizes.

2. Ask you to provide sensitive personal information.

3. Ask you to follow a link to a website and log on to an account.

4. Propose lucrative business deals

However it may seem to be a difficult task for novice Internet users to identify such online scams. Here are some of the common signs of such scam emails. By knowing them it may help you to stay away.
All these scam emails never address you by your name. In turn they commonly address you something like "Dear User” or "Dear Customer” etc. This is a clear indication that the email is a fraudulent one When you observe the email header you may notice in the "TO:” Field that, the same email is forwarded to a large group of people or the "TO:” field appears blank. So this confirms that the email was not intended particularly for you. It was forwarded for a large group of people and you are one among them.

Source :Google & Some Points (OoPpSs Group)

Friday, 10 May 2013

i3indya Technologies is Hiring Ethical Hackers, Researchers, Cyber Security Experts.. Send Your Resumes!!

Hello Cyber Security Experts !!

i3indya Technologies is Hiring Ethical Hackers, Researchers,Cyber Security Experts, Computer Forensic
mr ooppss
Investigation, Mobile Forensic Investigation, Cyber Crime Investigation, Network Security Expert & Security Tools Developers !!

Do you think you are qualified enough to join our Group ??
Send your Resume NOW to


1. CEH, CHFI, & Any Good Cyber Security Certification Preferred
2. Good Practical knowledge on all topics of Ethical Hacking,Cyber Security, Computer Forensic, Mobile Forensic, Network Security & Forensic,Backtrack, Firewall, Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment  Linux Security & Forensic, Malware Analysis And Cyber Crime etc.
3. Proficient in any Programming Language ( C, C++, Java,. Net, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, etc., )
4. Communication Skill must be Good !!

Job Description

1. Design & execute easy to learn demonstrations on Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Computer Forensic, Network Security And Cyber Crime Investigation.
2. Assist the Ethical Hacker in projects & cases
3. Regulate the technical requirements in Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Internet Security workshops
4. Deliver seminars/training on Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Internet Security, Computer Forensic And Cyber Crime Investigation 

Shortlisted Candidates will be called for interview & taken in immediately.

Special preference to those who have attended our Summer/ Winter Training.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Things to Take Care of before Joining a Training in Embedded System and Robotics

Embedded is a growing market for Electronics aspirants now a days, and in future there will be plenty of opportunities for Students who opt for Embedded courses. However By the time there are very few institutes which offer specialized courses in Embedded System and Robotics. Students get confused and mostly are in dilemma which institute to join for the training, where they can get into the depth of the technology and get a detailed knowledge and learning about it.

Most of the students join a training institute for the training at very expensive cost, and after the training they find Return on Investment (ROI) is zero, these institutes are lacking in few things as:

Training Content: The course content of the institutes is not updated as per the industry requirements, they offer quiet older version of the content, and once students are done with the training program they realize this thing. Therefore students should look into the course content before joining the training program, whether its suitable for them or not.

Practical Exposure: Many institute offer only theory classes on Embedded System and Robotics, However this technology needs more practical approach rather than theory, Students should be given full liberty to work on the Kits as per their choice and if something goes wrong trainer should make him understand about it. Therefore before joining a training program students should pay attention at the practical part of the training in order to learn live.

Training Quality: Training quality plays major role in this whole, students should know the strength of the students in a particular batch, about the trainer, Projects etc before joining any training session on Embedded System and Robotics. If you get a chance to join in the R&D based training sessions look for the content and than take any decision about it.

Referrals: Students can ask to their Seniors, Friends and Family Members or anyone who has joined training earlier about the Training quality of the Institutes and their Learning.

After The Training Services: After the training what services are being offered by the institute, whether students get proper attention, and if they want to clarify any of the doubts in future, how to approach the institute etc. These are quiet minute things but plays important role in the whole training sessions.

Brand Name of the Institute: If students get a chance to join their training sessions which is working into the same segment, will get more exposure than other institutes. Students should prefer those Companies which deals in the Embedded Technology because it will give them more understand about the learning and its implementations.

Industries Where Students can make their Career after the training:
Few industries where students can seek for their career after a successful training in Embedded System and Robotics are as:
  • IT
  • Automobile and Transportation
  • Telecom
  • Education
  • Aerospace
  • Defence
  • Aviation
  • Medical
  • Electronics and Consumer Devices and Industrial Automation and Process Control.

i3indya Technologies has observed and anlaysed all the pros and cons from the students point of view and tried to eradicate such issues and problems in their Training programs. We designed the training module with the following features:

  • R&D based training Module
  • Practical and Live Exposure (39 Practical, 22 Minor Practicals and 4 Major Projects)
  • One to One Interaction
  • Highly Experienced Faculty who got experience in the Same technology.
  • Self-Made Robotics Kit
  • Best Training Content
  • After the training, Doubts and discussion Session with the trainers.
  • 23 Centers all across India.
  • Trained Students of IITs and NITs throughout.
  • Conducted various Sessions on Embedded System and robotics, in Association with IITs.
If it sounds interesting to you than call now at +91 956060 566 or Visit- today to know more, and give your learning a new height.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Our Next Batch is Going to Start From 13th May !! Hurry Up !! Book Your Seat with Special Discount Offers

i3indya Technologies announces Summer Training 2013 on:
Embedded System and Robotics
Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

Duration : 1 Month with Certification
Location : 22  cities across India

Upcoming Batch Details for Summer Training 2013 in Embedded System & Robotics
13-May to 15-Jun (04:00 pm)
17-Jun to 20-Jul (04:00 pm)
15-Jul to 17-Aug (12:30 pm)
20-May to 22-Jun (09:00 am)
24-Jun to 27-Jul (09:00 am)
22-Jul to 24-Aug (04:00 pm)
27-May to 29-Jun (12:30 pm)
01-Jul to 03-Aug (12:30 pm)
29-Jul to 31-Aug (09:00 am)
10-Jun to 13-Jul (12:30 pm)
08-Jul to 10-Aug (9:00 am)

Upcoming Batch Details for Summer Training 2013 in Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security
3-Jun to 6-Jul (12:30 pm)
1-Jul to 3-Aug (9:00 am)
10-Jun to 13-Jul (4:00 pm)
8-Jul to 10-Aug (12:30 pm)

Book Your Seat Now !! Click Here

Summer Training Centers with Details:
107-108 , Sachet - 2, Nr. Reliance House,
Opp. Tomato Restaurant, Off C. G. Road,
Ahmedabad - 380009, Gujarat - INDIA
Mobile No. : 080000 04280

Bangalore Center Address
2336 IST Floor,
K.R Road,Bunashankari,
2nd Stage, Bangalore
Mobile No. : 097398 63707

Bhilai Center Address
Shrisankaracharya Institue of Technology & Management,
Junwani, Po Nehru Nagar,
Mobile No. : 080857 20070

Bhopal Center Address
LMS Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd,
172, Zone 2, M.P Nagar,
above Vijaya Bank,
Near Sargam Cinema, Bhopal 462011
Mobile No. : 075525 50510

Bhubaneswar Center Address
Ardent Computech Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 63, District Center,
Near Axis Bank, 751016

Chandigarh Center Address
Latest Arena Animation Pvt. Ltd.
SCO 110-111, 3rd Floor,
Sector-34/A, Chandigarh - 160034,
PH: 0172 - 5067666 / +91 - 9417371445 (M)

Chennai Center Address
AC-5, 2nd Floor, 2nd Avenue,
Near Iyappan Temple, Anna Nagar,
Chennai - 600 040.
Contact : 044 - 4203 3480 (O), +91 - 93446 68899 / 93456 68899 (M)

Dehradun Center Address
i3indya Technologies
2nd Floor, Raj Plaza ,
Rajpur Road
Contact Person : +91-9760315972

Delhi Center Address
i3indya Technologies
G-85,Preet Vihar
Vikas Marg,New Delhi - 110092
Contact : + 91 - 92124 99092, 011 - 2252 7779

Greater Noida Center Address
RSD Training Institute Pvt. Ltd.
Plot Number 28/1A,
Knowledge Park III,
Greater Noida, UP - 201306
Mobile No. : 098112 24390, 099997 00691

Hyderabad Center Address
Green house building,
Ground Floor,
Beside Aditya Trade Center,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad - 500 029,
Phone : 040 - 66343492 / 93 , (M) +91 - 92463 61927

Indore Center Address
Palasia Center
Near Palasia Square,
1Floor, Great Balaji House,
20/1 South Tukoganj,
Opp. Sanghi Brothers (Tata Motors),
A.B. Road, INDORE-452001 (M.P.),
Ph : 0731-4268656 / 4066541 / 4091658
Bhawarkuan Center
Wadhwani Chambers,
18, Professor Colony,
Bhawarkuan Square, INDORE-452001 (M. P.)
Ph : 0731 - 4289083 / 4289084

Jaipur Center Address
CF/O 3-4 Nehru Place,
Tonk Road, Jaipur,
Contact : 0141 - 4041999

Kanpur Center Address
Flexus Business Services
117/k/87 G2 Shobha Tower,
Sarvodaya Nagar Kanpur (208005),
Contact No : 0512-3000481
Mobile No. : 084009 05858,084009 05959

Kolkata Center Address
Ardent Computech Pvt.Ltd.
Kolkata Office (Salt Lake)
CF-137, Sector - 1,
Salt Lake City,
Kolkata - 700 064,
Ph. : (033) 2321 0514
Mobile : 9674735475 / 76 / 74, 9231864520, 9831235020

Ludhiana Center Address
i3indya Technologies,
177/189, 2nd Floor,
Toor Market, Backside Petrol Pump,
Dugri, Ludhiana - 141001, Punjab

Mumbai Center Address
BEST Commercial Complex,
4th floor, A Wing,Opposite Railway Station,
Andheri(W) Mumbai-400 058.
Maharashtra, INDIA
Phone No. : +91 22 2670 8186 / 2670 8190

Patna Center Address
4th Floor, Sumati Place,
Opp. Alankar Place
Boring Road, Patna-800001
Contact No: 9334476449

Pune Center Address
Srajan 3rd Floor ,Prestige Chamber,
OPP.Sai Petrol Pump
J.M Road PUNE-411004

Visakhapatnam Center Address
MillInium Software Solution,
Second Floor,
Rednam Estate,Ist Lane,
Dwarka Nagar
Mobile No. : 092466 19566

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